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In a speech Tuesday, Reserve Bank of Australia governor Philip Lowe raised concerns about a possible housing crisis as household incomes fail to keep pace with mortgage costs. Housing-related debt rose at a 6.5 percent annual pace last year while household incomes increased by 3 percent. "The concern has been that the longer the recent trends continue, the greater the risk to the future health of the economy," Lowe said. "A strong lesson from history is that stretched balance sheets make for more volatile times when things turn down," he said. Lowe said a shortage of housing needed to be addressed. But he also said the increase in so-called interest-only loans that account for 40 percent of home loans issued in Australia last year were "unusual by international standards." Investors repay only the interest on such loans and none of the principal, because the interest is tax deductible as a doctor home loan calculator Oak Laurel business expense and paying down the principal is not. The investors then rely on ever-increasing property prices to deliver a profit when they eventually sell. But economists worry that a bursting of the property bubble would land them in trouble. Australia traditionally has had a relatively high rate of home ownership and the lack of affordable housing is a growing political issue.

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